Monday, May 16, 2011

Stereotypes =/

Today in class we talked about stereotypes.

In Chile we can say that there are several stereotypes and in addition to those in thiscountry has with regard to neighboring countries. First, in Chile there are several typesof characters such as Flaites typical, common and unloved character in the native fauna,and its rather aggressive and bad talk. There are also pelolais, girls of high rank, usuallyblonde hair and smooth, which marks their styles. There is also the Chilean roto, thecolorful character that abounds, flirtatious, always gallant to the ladies, macho for his own things !!!!¡

With respect to other neighboring countries, has always believed that the Argentines arecombinationes, enlarged and very bullies. This look also to the Brazilians as gallantmen, good for dancing and for football. For the most badly treated with jokes is toPeruvians and Bolivians very vilified by all comedians, they are taken for fools andnaive.

I believe that it is Chilean bold and vivacious. Although it is not how good the imageabroad that we possess and that I have many foreign friends to ask them about it.

Well, greetings fellow see you next class with geographic presentation!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First CD was CACHUREOS 98's

Hello Dear Friends:

Today we'll talk a little music, that he heard as a child, actually the first cd I had!
They'll laugh when I tell you that the first cd they gave me was to cachureos! not if you remember?
= D This cd obsequiron me my parents for my birthday number 8, was alwaysfascinate and I remember taking him to school and my friends danced the Chica Yeyeand for each presentation that we had to do cd cachureos had also brought thevideos to for viewing on your computer, it was great, my favorite songs from the cd were the  Jonnhy Cat and especially Epidemia jajajaj 
i was a very good time whit this songs!!

Also remember that the first cassette that my parents gave me was Chiquititas, whichwas a TV series in Argentina, it was a girl who lived in an orphanage, and sang allday also remember that bigger and give me a premium Greey a tape of day.

But I hear that music and almost nothing jejej, now what I like most is Shakira, andnational singer Manuel Garcia and Argentine Abel Pintos.

Very good music, I recommend them!

Until next time, Partners = D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pichidangui, Los vilos, IV region de coquimbo my favorite Beach

Hello, classmates =D!!
Today  i talk to you about my favorite beach, really i have a lot the beach  favorites in my list jejejej!!!!
I live in the V region de valparaiso, in the city of La Ligua,  and the beach i have more closer are Papudo, zapallar, los molles, etc. Actually are more beach near  there !!!

 But the best according to me is Pichidangui beach in the town of Los Vilos, IV region.
my choice more than anything is what this beach and this town, where for many years ago with my group of friends have the tradition of finishing the summer, taking a trip for several days.
 This beach is very beautiful white sand and simpre has a pleasant climate, the waves are relatively quiet and small, ideal for swimming quietly.
Also if you walk along the beach comes to the crafts sector and restaurants where I enjoy many beautiful creations of local artisans, plus the rich gastronomy!
We have already hired about 5 consecutive years and increasingly are united more friends and their families!

Although this year was the lowest turnout was one of the most beautiful and entertaining, we were in late February and stayed only 3 days but we enjoyed it as always!

Here a picture in the camp...=D!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My fantastic field trip to the north glacier Juncal!

This trip will take place in the second year of college. Together with my colleagues wanted to take the elective this semester: introduction to glaciology, knowing that we would have a spectacular terrain, but difficult.

Upon entering the course, Professor Francisco Ferrando, told us we had to prepare much, but we thought it was for both jejej.

When we go to the glacier mountain equipment, large backpacks and much food for starving lol was not our main concern!

good when we arrived and saw the spectacular scenery does not worry us more, a walk of 5 or 6 miles until you reach a clearing, leaving us ready to go further and go up the glacier!

The first day we arrived at the esplanade and settled with a small camp and began to see the beautiful landscape around us we saw many birds and most impressive a lot of Condors. 

The next day we got up early, and we ascended the glacier and climb the glacier tongue. 
at the time of achieving the goal we are happy too and we played to throw snow, in addition to slide down the place, it was fun.

This is my favorite trip so beautiful place and how much I could learn along with my classmates and Professor Francisco Ferrando! 

and I would love to repeat! 

See ya, mates

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Favorite Social network Google!!!

Hi bloggers friends, today in the english class was discussed about the social network tools, and everyone was choose their favorite. I choose GOOGLE!!!! 
i started to use it when i had fourteen years, and i love !

Is my favorite network tool for many reasons,  the main is in their aplications and in the functions that offer me. 

Many of the products that Google have avalable are use for me such as: 

Google Earth: 

This product is very useful to me because the aplications in geography carreer are varied. Other the products very useful to me is IGOOGLE, becouse since this plataform,  i can acces to all others products of google.

IGoogle has the ability to combine in a single page all the utility as a user I want to include, as translators, my inbox mail, the climate of the day, comic phrases, thesearch engine, Google Docs (which is a great tool to view, save and edit documentsonline), and access to all the various Google services company.

I use it continuously and helps me solve all the issues likely to arise in my daily life.
my latest discovery in the academic consortium google google is where I can findmuch more specific information, filtered and especially specialized in the areas I'm looking for.
I definitely recommend it!

Greetings and I will continue writing about various topics on my blog!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The first went to a concert I went to the small party in my city of La Ligua, called the Festival del Telar. were always several local artists, but a year were The Jaivas, who liked my father, so I get every time the group went to this festival.

However, the artist really like me is Shakira, so the most anticipated concert was hers in the pop festival, i worked all summer vacation to buy my ticket and can see her for first time in my life.

 Also my first biggest event were the Pop Festival 2011, in the national stadium. In this festival be presented that day five exponents of pop artists, Train, Francisca Valenzuela, Vicentico, Ziggy Marley and the most important Shakira. Was the first time I went to a massive event. I went with my best friend Paulina, and my cousin Constanza, Shakira fans both like me. we arrived early, around ten o'clock, to get a good job in general court, as it was awaybut in how close we see us, we were 50 meters of the stage, plus we were lucky thatonly happened Shakira 20 cm notros when I sing in the audience!!
addition to the presentations of the other artists were great .... Good audio, goodlighting and scenery GREAT AND FANTASTIC!!

was incredible and also agreed with my cousin and my best friend would never buy intogeneral court ..! jejejejeje

That was my experience in concert and here is a video of Shakira's great with the song"Ojos Asi"in the pop festival 2011 santiago de chile !!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Favorite Movie

One of my favorite movies is Erin Brockovich

Direct by Steven Soderbergh and starring Julia Roberts, who is also my favorite actress.

Erin is a unemployed single mother of the children, after losing a personal injury lawsuit against a doctor in a car accident she was in, asks her lawyer, Edward L. Masry, if he can find her a job in compensation for the loss. when you get there begins with an investigation into the health records of a woman from the town of Hinkley. Erin discovered through this that there is a company polluting the water of Hinkley, California. I was sick for everyone in the community. 

Erin begins to more thoroughly investigate everything that happens in Hikley, and realizes that the family of Donna Jensen is not the only disease that presents no problems of contamination, and decides to gamble completely to find the truth, even with all the money problems and in raising their children. Amid all this meets George who happens to be a support in your life and like a father to his children. Erin discovers a document from 1966 that shows a conversation between an executive of San Francisco GPE with the headquarters of the Hinkley station showing that they knew the water was contaminated and did nothing about it and recommended the Hinkley station to keep a secret the neighborhood. The evidence was reviewed by ajudge without a jury and PG & E was ordered to pay a settlement amount of $ 333 million to be shared among the 648 applicants. 

This is my favorite movie more than anything by force and conviction that shows Erin Brockovich in spite of difficulties, be underestimated is superimposed over all the prejudices that recain on her for being a single mother and also a woman with a personality lush character. 

the first time I saw her was when I was about 14 years and from there I see every time I have opportunity, like many other movies of Julia Roberts